Selected Media & Press


2 Oct 2022

Journal: Ode to Autumn, Perspective Magazine

Oct 2022

Thought Leaders: A Fortunate Woman: Polly Morland on the role of the modern GP, Research Outreach, Issue 132

13 August 2022

The big idea: why modern medicine can’t work without stories, Guardian

3 June 2017

Body + Soul: My Twin Will Never be the Same, Times Weekend

23 May 2017

Paperback WriterHow to master the art of change in a world in flux, Guardian

July 2016

Feeling good in your own skin, Psychologies Magazine

3 June 2016

True grit lies in knowing you can change, Guardian Weekly

27 May 2016

Opinion: True grit lies in knowing you can change, Guardian

26 May 2016

Is Grit Something You Can Learn?, Guardian online

16 May 2016

Human MetamorphosisThe Independent

15 May 2016

Forget Self Help – We’re Programmed for ChangeObserver Magazine

Dec 2015

Interview for Das Investment (Germany)

Aug 2015

The Meaning of Life, Psychologies Magazine

19 Apr 2015

Dean Potter’s extreme exploits showed us the beauty of life on the edge, Guardian

Mar 2015

Risk Wise: Meet the Author, BBC Focus Magazine

Jan 2015

School of Life Lessons, Psychologies Magazine

30 Jun 2014

How I Learned To Be Brave, Grazia

Nov 2013

You’re Braver Than You Think, The Oprah Magazine (SA) (cover story)

Oct 2013

Ser Corajoso, Vogue (Portugal)

Oct 2013

A Mother’s Courage, The Oprah Magazine (SA)

Aug 2013

How To Be Brave, Psychology Today

Jun 2013

Being Brave, Psychologies Magazine

Jun 2013

How To Be Brave, Vogue (UK)

27 Apr 2013

Terror Behind A Rising Curtain, Independent


May 2023

Polly Morland: Why I Write, Royal Literary Fund VOX podcast

May 2023

Writers Aloud: Polly Morland, Royal Literary Fund Writers Aloud podcast

March 2023

Polly Morland: The Writer as Outsider, Royal Literary Fund VOX podcast

March 2023

A Fortunate Woman: Polly Morland on medicine, community and caring, The Waterstones Blog

Oct 2022

Polly Morland A Fortunate Woman book trailer, The Baillie Gifford Prize for Non-Fiction Shortlist

Oct 2022

Read Smart: Polly Morland, The Baillie Gifford Prize for Non-Fiction, podcast

Sept 2022

Longlisted author interview: Polly Morland, The Baillie Gifford Prize for Non-Fiction

25 July 2022

An interview with Polly Morland, Freelancing for Journalists podcast

4 July 2022

What Does It Mean to be a GP Today?, Bristol Festival of Ideas

3 July 2022

Q&A: Polly Morland on ‘A Fortunate Woman, NASGP

May-June 2017

MINDSET workshops,

19 May 2016

Why It’s Never Too Late To Change, Gransnet

Dec 2015

LOD in conversation with Polly Morland and Ian Leslie, Life With Law

14 Jul 2015

Five small steps to being brave, Psychologies online magazine

Mar 2014

We don’t need another hero: the need for individual courage, ‘The  Importance of Ideas’, edited by Andrew Kelly (Guardian Shorts e-book), including essays by Nate Silver, Naomi Wolf, Andrew Solomon, Michael Pollan, Michael Sandel, George Monbiot and others.

Jul 2013

Polly Morland on Writing The Society of Timid Souls or, How to be Brave, Crown Publishing

10 Jul 2013

Top Five Misconceptions About Courage, Barnes & Noble, The Nook Blog

Jul 2013

5 Books That Taught me About Bravery, Read It Forward


1 Jul 2015

SRF, Switzerland, Kulturplatz

29 Jul 13

MSNBC, USA, The Cycle


13 June 2023

BBC Radio 3, Free Thinking, Ideas About Health

28 April 2023

BBC Radio 3, The Interview Verb, The Verb

22 March 2018

BBC Radio Scotland, John Beattie Show

27 May 2016

Newstalk Radio, Dublin, Moncrieff

23 May 2016

Can we change ourselves? BBC Radio 4, Radio 4 in Four

23 May 2016

BBC Radio 4, Woman’s Hour

Mar 2015

BBC Focus Magazine podcast

30 Jan 2015

Newstalk Radio, Dublin, Moncrieff

20 Jan 2015

BBC Radio 4, The Human Zoo, ‘Hindsight Bias’

18 Jan 2015

Monacle Radio, The Monacle Weekly

13 Aug 2013

NPR/Wisconsin Public Radio, Central Time

19 Jul 2013

WNYC, New York, Brian Lehrer Show

15 Jul 2013

KFWB-AM, Los Angeles, Book Radio

1 Jul 2013

Cosmo Radio 7/1, New York, John Searles Show

7 May 2013

BBC Radio 4, Woman’s Hour

7 May 2013

BBC World Service, Outlook

1 May 2013

BBC Radio 5 Live, Tony Livesey Show

3 May 2013

Newstalk Radio, Dublin, Moncrieff

25 Apr 2013

BBC Radio Scotland, MacAulay and Co